The Fibrolamellar Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of our first Patient Navigator – Tom Stockwell

Tom Stockwell has accepted a role within the Fibro Foundation team as Patient Navigator, effective July, 2017. Tom has acquired a tremendous understanding of fibrolamellar from many different perspectives and it is those combinations that make his addition to FCF a great fit.

Tom’s son Robert was diagnosed with Fibrolamellar in 2013 at the age of 18. Many people associated with the Foundation already know Robert and Tom from their Facebook posts and appreciate the knowledge and feel the compassion that they shared with everyone dealing with this disease. Since Robert’s passing in March, Tom has not stopped researching and remained active within the Facebook community. He made an assurance to Robert that he would continue helping patients and their families in hopes of helping them cope with fibrolamellar. Robert and Tom were passionate about passing along what they learned and their experiences. That was one of the driving motivations behind the survey they created

Tom will be a valuable resource to FCF bridging gaps between patients and researchers, navigating through matters such as tissue donation, locating health care providers, answering questions about fibrolamellar, sharing available clinical trial info and much more. FCF does not give medical advice or suggest treatments, but is a resource for patients to make their own educated decision for their individual situation.

Tom will be lending an ear to the community, looking for fresh thoughts and ideas which can be shared among us all. FCF hopes this is the beginning of a community outreach – which other stakeholders can join – to strengthen all our resolves toward finding a cure.

Please join FCF in welcoming Tom to his new role and wishing him success. Feel free to reach him by email at [email protected]