Johns Hopkins Medicine


BLT: Sequential Partial Liver Transplant with Bone Marrow Transplantation

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ephraim Fuchs, MD, MBA Professor of Oncology and Immunology

FCF and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are sponsoring a trial of sequential partial liver transplantation followed by bone marrow transplantation from the same living related donor. This treatment applies to patients whose cancer remains confined to the liver but is too widespread to be removed by surgery or treated by a liver transplant from a deceased donor. The purpose of this combined treatment is to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back after the liver transplant   The bone marrow transplant may reduce the risk of the cancer coming back in two ways.  First, patients who have combined bone marrow and solid organ transplants may be able to get off all anti-rejection drugs, which inhibit the immune system from destroying cancer cells.  Second, the donor’s bone marrow contains cells of the immune system, which can attack any cancer cells that remain after the liver transplant. More information is available through