Caregiver Profiles

This launches the first in a series of caregiver profiles.  The goal is to share experiences and knowledge with the community from those who are facing (or have faced)  the challenges of FLC.

Fibrolamellar (FLC) Caregiver Tom Stockwell has taken a very visible role in the FLC community, driven by his journey with son Robert, and his promise to help others.  An active collaborator with the Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation, Tom launched FibroFighters Foundation, a patient-centric advocacy organization, to share his knowledge with caregivers and patients.  In this three part video created by CURE magazine, Tom and John Hopper, President of FCF, discuss:

  • Initial responses to a fibrolamellar diagnosis
  • Creating a game plan to begin the fight against the disease
  • Important tips for fibrolamellar caregivers and patients.

Each video can be viewed below.

When these videos were produced, Tom Stockwell was FCF’s patient navigator, and therefore is referenced as such. While no longer serving in that role since the launch of FibroFighters, Tom remains active in contributing to FCF. Tom can be contacted by email at

Initial Response

Creating a plan

Key tips

Note: MJ Hennessey produced these informative interviews with FCF via Cure Connections, a leading on-line oncology magazine.