Collaborative research seeking therapeutic treatment

Cornell publishes fibrolamellar discovery which could serve as part of a new therapeutic approach. This study is a great example of the multi-institution collaboration strategy FCF continues to fund in our quest for curative therapies.

Small molecules inside our bodies called “microRNAs” have emerged as very important players in the development of a wide variety of different cancers.  But the roles that microRNAs may play in fibrolamellar carcinoma (FLC) have not been well understood until recently.  In this study, Cornell- through leadership of Dr. Praveen Sethupathy- and in collaboration with Duke, University of Washington, and Memorial Sloane Kettering – identifies one particular microRNA, called microRNA-375, that is almost completely lost in FLC patients. They show that re-introducing a chemical mimic of microRNA-375 back into FLC tumor cells can block cancer growth.  Ongoing work in the Sethupathy lab on this project will help determine whether or not microRNA-375 could serve as part of a new therapeutic approach for FLC patients.