Bio-Bank Campaign

Donations are Critical and Easy to Do

The availability of fibrolamellar cancer cells for current and future research is crucial for finding a cure and treatment for FLC. One of the first questions asked by researchers before they are willing to delve into the fibrolamellar world…”Are there biospecimens available?” In addition, any patient undergoing surgery, fluid drains, biopsy or other procedures where cancer cells are being removed should have that biospecimen saved because genetic testing, and treatment plans tailored to a patient’s cancer profile, are becoming an important part of cancer therapy. Preserving a patients biospecimens for personal use or research purposes is best accomplished at the time of a surgery or a procedure.

The Foundation is happy to connect you with our biobank consultant, Patty Cogswell who can answer questions and guide you on how to make your donation as easy as possible. Patty’s contact information follows:

[email protected]