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University of Vermont Cancer Center physicians Samreen Raza, M.D.,  Claire Verschraegen, M.D., with medical students.

The  Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation  (FCF) is accepting proposals to support innovative research, leading to curative treatments for this aggressive teen/young adult liver cancer.  Importantly, ASCO and other major organizations have noted that investigators should take high interest in this cancer as, due to patient age, this is a relatively simple cancer, i.e. few mutations, which potentially allows applications to other diseases as well.

About Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma (FL-HCC):

  • Very rare form of liver cancer that usually occurs in young adults who have no history of liver disease.
  • Fibrolamellar has an incidence rate of 1 in 5,000,000 in the population at large and is therefore considered an ultra-rare cancer.
  • Patients typically present with a palpable abdominal mass but no symptoms, although pain, weight loss and jaundice may occur. Diagnosis is often at Stage IV.
  • The standard initial treatment is surgical removal of the tumor.
  • While several new innovative therapies are being researched, still today there is no standard regimen. Reported survival rates range from 7 to 40 percent five years after diagnosis. Complete surgical removal of the tumor improves this survival rate.

Eligibility for Grant Application

Applicants must be employed by an institution engaged in health related research. The applicant further must agree to be supervised by the institution at all times while conducting research supported by the FCF.  In cases of a change in institutions while applying for, or utilizing funds from the FCF, applicants must notify FCF, and will be subject to review based upon the change in circumstances.

The research must focus on fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma. Studies should be intended to advance knowledge in the areas of FL-CC. Of particular interest are those showing a clear path to clinical trials.

Collaboration and open sourcing is a requirement for FCF funding and will be so specified in any grant agreement.

Grant Review Periods
FCF has a semi annual review period with application deadlines of January 1st and July 1st.  The Foundation is open to time sensitive requests – particularly for truly innovative ideas – throughout the year, as exceptions.

Click here for RFP application or if you need additional information before completing the application please email us.