How is fibrolamellar diagnosed?

Fibrolamellar is difficult to diagnose, primarily because its symptoms are attributed to more common causes. For example, many patients complain of general abdominal pain and fatigue. For most patients with fibrolamellar, the diagnosis is made after a CT-scan or MRI of the abdomen is performed. Imaging studies will often reveal a large liver mass. The …

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What are the causes of fibrolamellar?

It is not presently known. Some suggest an environmental link, yet here is no firm evidence pointing to this cause. Recent research has shown a distinct mutation (chimera) present in all those with fibrolamellar. Research is continuing to determine if this chimera plays a role in a patient developing fibrolamellar.

What doctors are familiar with fibrolamellar?

Click here for a listing of doctors – surgeons, oncologists, radiologists – whom we know to have treated fibrolamellar. Contact one of the comprehensive cancer centers in the United States for additional names if physicians in your area are not listed.