Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard University)

  • Fibrolamellar Carcinoma Model Development and Analysis
    2019 – 2021

    Principal Investigator: Nabeel Bardeesy, PhD, Associate Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University

    This is a resource development project for the fibrolamellar cancer research community. The primary goal is to derive a new series of transplantable human FLC tumors grown in immune-deficient mice [patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models]. The starting biospecimens will be obtained through the Fibrolamellar Cancer BioBank established by the FCF at Massachusetts General Hospital. The project also will contribute to the generation of three-dimensional cell culture models (3D tumor organoids) and established cell lines from human FLC tumors, in coordination with the FCF-funded project at the Broad Institute.

    Analyses of organoid and cell line models will entail close interactions with the Broad Institute investigators and others in the FCF’s research network. Key shared goals include the identification of genetic dependencies and drug sensitivities of FLC tumor models, and “single cell landscape” analysis of gene expression. Studies of this type define the specific properties of individual cells among the various types found in a tumor: cancer cells; non-cancerous cells that may help to support the cancer such as the “stromal” cells that make up the characteristic fibrous bands for which fibrolamellar carcinoma was named; blood vessel cells; and cells of the immune system that may have potential to attack the cancer cells and stop tumor growth.