Patient relief, respite and wish programs

Many relief, respite and wish granting organizations strive to provide ill patients and/or their families and caregivers the opportunity to focus on something positive in their lives. The products, trips, or experiences given by these organizations can provide individuals a much needed break from a struggle with a disease or the chance to give whole families a happy memory together. Programs include:

Organization TypeOrganization focus
Wish programs3 Little Birds 4 Life strives to make sure that young adult cancer patients, ages 25 – 55, have a daily wish granted and are given the resources they might need to find help in all aspects on their journey.
Patient retreat programsDeliver The Dream provides therapeutic programs to families facing a serious illness, crisis or disability. Its programs restore hope, strengthen relationships and change perspectives to provide inspiration for the future.
Wish programsDream Foundation serves terminally-ill adults and their families by providing end-of-life Dreams that offer inspiration, comfort and closure.
Respite programsFor Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation provides adult cancer patients, their caregivers and their children with a break from cancer at one of our respite locations.
Family memory creationInheritance Of Hope provides vacations to young families facing the loss of a parent allowing them to make memories.
Family memory creationJack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation treats families to ” WOW experiences”, giving children who will lose their Mom or Dad to cancer a timeout to create indispensable memories as a family…while they can.
Respite programs (Salt Lake City, UT area)Just A Break From Cancer gives adults with cancer a “Just-a-Break” from cancer (from a nice night out, to a couple days “get-a-way”) at no charge to patients with advanced stage cancer.
Wish programsLife Is Good No Matter What gives adults with advanced cancer a break and escape from their battle and diagnosis through a cherished experience.
Wish programsMake-A-Wish strives to grant the wish of every child under age 18 diagnosed with a critical illness.

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