Fibrolamellar Registry

The Fibrolamellar Registry is focused on helping patients advance research into fibrolamellar by sharing their medical information with researchers. Its patient registry gathers survey information, medical histories, and test results for patients with FLC, and stores them in a highly secure database.

Natural History Study of Rare Solid Tumors

The Natural History Study of Rare Solid Tumors, currently underway at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), is enrolling patients to better understand how rare solid tumors develop and grow. Natural history studies like this will help researchers learn more about fibrolamellar carcinoma (FLC) and other rare cancers and help shape the design and development of …

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The FLC Project

The FLC Project is a collaboration between patients and doctors to get better data about fibrolamellar carcinoma, leading to a better chance at finding a cure. By answering the project’s surveys, patients and families can provide data necessary to find causes and cures for FLC.


xCures is a venture-backed company that has developed a platform that arms advanced cancer patients and their oncologists with tools to make informed point of care decisions. xCures is currently enrolling FLC patients through a partnership originally established with FibroFighters Foundation and supported by FCF. Using the xCures platform, patients and their care team benefit …

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FibroFighters is dedicated to helping patients and caregivers navigate their personal fibrolamellar journeys. Contact Tom Stockwell at for more information.