Researchers – Partners in discovery

FCF thanks the broad community of researchers working to improve the outlook for fibrolamellar patients. To help expand and support that research community, we offer grant funding, tools, and collaboration support to accelerate research efforts that ultimately will lead to more effective treatments for the disease.

$16.5 million

Research grants paid or committed since 2010

How FCF can support your research

FCF provides the following resources to support fibrolamellar-related research efforts:

Grant funding

  • FCF aims to drive and support high-impact research that could lead to the discovery of better treatments for FLC. Currently, FCF is the largest non-governmental funder of FLC research. Please click the following link to learn more about our grant program, the application process, and grant reporting requirements.
  • We are also happy to provide letters of support for applications to other funding sources.

Research-enabling tools

  • Through the Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation Biobank, we provide investigators access to growing suite of FLC disease models, biospecimens, and related sequencing data. Click on the hotlinks above to learn how to access these materials.
  • We also encourage researchers to contribute biospecimens, models, or data to our biobank and shared repository to expand the range of materials available to the research community. More information about FCF’s model award program is available here.

Clinical trial support

  • FCF supports investigator-initiated and company-sponsored clinical trials with study funding, patient education and outreach, expert input on trial design, and more.

Access to expertise

  • FCF’s internal research team, Medical & Scientific Advisory Board and worldwide network of clinicians and researchers can offer vast expertise and capabilities to support research efforts. If you have questions about FLC, or are looking for collaborators to support your research goals, we can help connect you with interested partners.

Collaboration and communications support

  • FCF sponsors and hosts events to encourage the rapid sharing of research results and foster broad collaborations. These meetings include biennial Fibrolamellar Scientific Summits and working group meetings focused on solving key problems in FLC. Many researcher-focused meetings are held under multi-party CDA to encourage the sharing of unpublished information.
  • We also host periodic patient outreach programs (including webinars and events) to help the community learn about new treatment approaches and research advancements. We encourage researcher involvement in these programs.

FCF’s staff supports investigators and companies with an interest in pursuing fibrolamellar-related efforts worldwide. Please contact us if there’s anything we can do to help you achieve your research goals.