Get a fibrolamellar calendar

The 2023 calendar is currently being designed, but please enjoy the 2022 version in the meantime (click to view)

We are excited to announce that fibrolamellar calendars will be back again for 2023! These calendars have been managed, designed and distributed by members of our community for several years. Beginning last year, FCF’s Patient & Caregiver Advisory Board brought the process in house. Now they are printed and distributed directly from the Foundation — another way for us to help keep our close-knit community together.

Many thanks to Jenny Carroll for handling the design and layout of the 2022 calendar, and Kielan Wilson-Premo for volunteering to help with production this year!

Order a 2023 fibrolamellar calendar

You can order a calendar until Thursday, December 1. Click here to order — and, when you’re done, be sure to share the link with your family and friends so they can get one too!

Featured fibrolamellar fighters

Each year the fibrolamellar calendar features fighters – past and present. Unfortunately, because of the the time required to lay out the new calendar we are no longer accepting picture submissions for inclusion in the 2023 calendar.