Webinar planning survey

Help us make sure that the February 25th webinar meets your needs! As you know, the topic of our next webinar is “Present and Future Treatment Options for FLC”. We have several leading surgeons and oncologists with extensive experience in treating fibrolamellar patients scheduled to give brief presentations, participate in a panel discussion and answer audience questions.

Please fill out this quick survey to provide planning input to our moderators and panelists, so that they can be prepared to address the subject areas of most interest to the fibrolamellar community.

  • Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
    Surgical techniques and approaches
    Interventional radiology approaches
    Targeted therapies
  • Not at all interestedNot very interestedNeutralSomewhat interestedVery interested
    Is aggressive liver surgery worthwhile?
    When should pre-surgical systemic treatments be considered?
    Role of interventional radiology as pre-surgical treatment
    Do adjuvant treatments help?
    When should a liver transplant be considered?
    How does immunotherapy work?
    Targeted therapies vs immunotherapies – what is having the most impact?
    Value of combination therapies
    Dealing with side effects
    How should a patient decide among different treatment options?