Meet the Researchers

Below are a series of interview videos and transcripts in which several prominent researchers into fibrolamellar outline their experiences and scientific interest in the disease. Each of these researchers is currently actively conducting research sponsored by the Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation.


Since it was established in 2008, FCF has striven to connect the global community of researchers, physicians and patients to accelerate fibrolamellar research, treatment, and patient care. To learn more about the status of research into FLC, click on the links below: Overview of FCF-funded research initiatives Key fibrolamellar publications and articles Selected researcher profiles …

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Apply for a Grant

The  Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation  (FCF) is accepting proposals to support innovative research, leading to curative treatments for this aggressive teen/young adult liver cancer.  Importantly, ASCO and other major organizations have noted that investigators should take high interest in this cancer as, due to patient age, this is a relatively simple cancer, i.e. few mutations, which potentially …

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Publications and Scientific Articles

Report on the 2017 FCF Scientific Conference The distinguished Journal of Hepatocellular Carcinoma has published a report on FCF’s 2017 Scientific Conference. The authors are Drs. Ted Kastenhuber, Ghassan Abou-Alfa, and John Craig who coordinated the writing and editing. FCF thanks these doctors for their time and commitment to this article. The article, which can …

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FCF Research Projects

Fibrolamellar received minimal research attention prior to the founding of FCF. Since 2010 FCF has invested over $8 million in research, across more than 20 of the most prestigious and innovative research and academic institutions, with the goal to accelerate the road to curative therapies. Research has been both in traditional and non-traditional approaches, led by respected …

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