Diagnosed in May 2020 at 18 years old

My name is Sami Taylor. I’m currently 20 years old and was diagnosed three weeks after my 18th birthday. I had been having issues for at least two years, my symptoms being mistaken for heart issues. I had been to the doctor multiple times for racing heart and was told I was fine and that it wasn’t a big deal. My symptoms included issues with my heart rate along with nausea, acid reflux, rib and back pain, loss of appetite and night sweats. On June 1st, 2020, I had a 13 centimeter mass taken off my liver and about half my liver with it, multiple nodes were also removed and tested positive. I had a reoccurrence in January of 2021 and started triple immunotherapy treatment. I had my second surgery to remove multiple lymph nodes in my abdomen in October of 2021. I am now on a new treatment of Nivolumab + Lenvima.

As far as hobbies go my interests are baking, reading, movies + tv, and spending time with friends. I would love to start traveling more and want to spend plenty of time exploring the pnw! I’d also love to spend time traveling through New England During the fall seeing the beauty of my favorite season.