” I may have got cancer because God needs me to be a Warrior for Heaven. I don’t take any pity, I am proud of everything I have been through. ”  – Zach Grullon

Zach Grullon was an adventurous, strong willed and lovable young man. He graduated from Jack Britt High School in 2010 and was looking forward to a military career. He never backed down from a challenge and was truly admired by his friends. Zach enjoyed working out, playing sports and hanging out with friends (especially his girlfriends).

In March 2010, Zach was diagnosed with FHC. He had been dealing with severe stomach pain and nausea for a couple of months, but  it was dismissed because Zach would work out so hard and had a very high tolerance of pain. After numerous tests and scans a grapefruit size tumor was found on his liver.

Zach had a liver resection in April 2010, but the cancer had spread to many of his lymph nodes and it was inoperable. He then started a rigorous routine of chemotherapy for 8 hours a day every 2-3 weeks. Zach would still continue to work out, live life, play sports and even sky-dived with the world famous Army Golden Knights in August 2010. Zach went through various treatments and even tried an experimental clinical trial at UNC Chapel Hill.

After battling for 2 years, Zach passed away on January 28, 2012.