John Craig, MD, PhD

John Craig attended UCLA and USC Medical School. After graduating medical school he entered a PhD program at USC studying liver regeneration, completing a residency in Pathology while doing his doctoral research. Subsequently Dr. Craig joined the faculty of the USC Medical School, where he supervised a NIH grant and postgraduate students, and also taught medical students. Dr. Craig published numerous papers on liver disease, wrote several textbooks including the definitive book which classified and defined all types of liver neoplasms (AFIP Fascicle). In 1980 Dr. Craig created the name Fibrolamellar Carcinoma and published the first large series on the disease. As an invited speaker to more than one hundred national and international conferences, Dr. Craig continues to describe this tumor and review the current research. He was a co-founder of Laennec Pathology Society, an international liver society, allowing him to meet expert liver pathologists around the world. Over his last ten years in practice Dr. Craig was the Medical Director of a community cancer center – St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton, California. Dr. Craig remains active in the Leannec Pathology Society. Dr. Craig and his wife, a retired surgeon, live in Carmel, CA and France.