Amara Strande advocates for new legislation in Minnesota

Amara Strande, a FLC patient, and her family have joined legislators in Minnesota to advocate for changes to protect communities from toxic chemicals. “2022 is the year my cancer became unstoppable,” 20-year-old Amara Strande said in her presentation to the committee. “They can’t do surgery this time. There are no more treatments to try,” Strande said.

In the videos referenced below, Amara discusses her experience with fibrolamellar carcinoma and her concerns about a potential link of her cancer to PFAS (perfluoroalkyl or polyfluoroalkyl substances) –“forever” chemicals that can be found in water, soil and various products. While she doesn’t know if her cancer is related to PFAS, she lives in the east metro area of Minnesota where contaminated water has been reported.

The following articles describe Amara’s remarkable advocacy work on behalf of all the residents of her state: