The CRISPR Revolution: How Genomic Engineering is Transforming Cancer Immunotherapy

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Date(s) - June 20, 2023
1:00 pm EDT - 2:00 pm EDT


This event, sponsored by the Cancer Research Institute as part of “Cancer Immunotherapy Awareness Month” discusses the CRISPR revolution and how genomic engineering is transforming cancer immunotherapy.

CRISPR genome engineering tools are revolutionizing medicine, by enabling scientists to edit genomes of living organisms very precisely, cheaply, and easily. These technologies have immense implications for cancer immunotherapy, allowing for entirely new avenues of research and the development of next-generation cell therapies for patients.

This webinar, provides an overview of the use of these cutting-edge tools and how they’re can potentially improve outcomes for cancer patients. Topics to be addressed in this webinar include:

  • What is CRISPR is, and how it’s being used
  • CRISPR ‘s role in creating better immunotherapies for patients
  • Potential safety considerations
  • The future of CRISPR and genome engineering in medicine.

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