FCF Funded Projects

Cancer Research Institute (CRI) fellowship program – renewal

Status: Active

Timeframe: 2020 – 2024

Goal: Develop and fund a series of three-year FLC research fellowships

Overview: This grant extended FCF’s successful partnership with the prestigious Cancer Research Institute (CRI) to identify and staff three-year research fellowships for young researchers focusing on immunotherapy-related research for fibrolamellar. CRI has been promoting immunotherapy research for 65 years, long before the establishment cancer treatment and research community recognized immunotherapy as a legitimate prospect for cancer patients.

Under the program, CRI identifies and screens potential candidates for the joint FCF/CRI fellowships. Those candidates learns about the opportunity and apply through CRI’s existing Postdoctoral Fellowship Program process. FCF then approves and funds the joint FCF/CRI fellowships for selected researchers who have a FLC-specific research focus. The overall goal of the program is to identify and attract promising early-career researchers to investigate our disease.

Results: While ongoing, two joint FCF/CRI fellowships have been established through this grant extension:

  • Francisco Navarro, PhD (Albert Einstein)
  • Lindsay Dickerson, MD (University of Washington)