FCF Funded Projects

Identifying therapeutic vulnerabilities in fibrolamellar carcinoma

Status: Active

Timeframe: 2020 – 2024

Goal: Investigate the impact on FLC growth and survival of inhibiting two specific oncogenes identified in previous works

Principal Investigator: Praveen Sethupathy, PhD

Study overview: Based on previous epigenomic, metabolomic, and microRNA profiling, as well as initial drug studies, the study team has developed two new exciting hypotheses about therapeutic vulnerabilities in FLC. First, they hypothesize that inhibition of two candidate FLC oncogenes, CA12 or SLC16A14, independently and/or in conjunction with FDA-approved drugs, will dramatically reduce FLC cell viability, proliferation, and invasive capacity. Second, they hypothesize that the increase in LDHB promotes glycolysis and FLC tumor cell survival, which can be reversed by miR-375 mimics. In this project, the team proposes to test these hypotheses in several different disease models of FLC. The findings from the proposed studies could potentially lay the foundation for completely novel, effective strategies for molecular therapy.