Fibro community reviews grants for Department of Defense

Big thanks to Jenny Carroll, Jennifer Strickland and all in the FLC community who participated in the 2019 Department of Defense grant reviews. Since liver cancer has been an approved cancer for DOD funding, Fibrolamellar has been awarded over $2 million in support. These community members’ efforts are paying out in a major way.

We need more FLC reviewers for 2020!! The DOD is currently capping any individual to three years as a reviewer. As a result, some of our honored reviewers like Jennifer Strickland  and others can no longer participate due to this cap.  The steps for new reviewers to get involved  are simple :

  1. FCF will post when the grant reviewer recruiting period will begin- typically April
  2. You simply fill out an application and get an endorsement letter from the FCF
  3. Be available during September- November to review grants either in person or via the web.

Currently there are categories beyond liver cancer that relate to FLC, such as Adolescent/Young Adult Cancers,  Rare Cancers and  Immunotherapy .

Thanks again to all of you who have helped motivate the DOD to support fibrolamellar.  We look forward to many years of their generous funding through your involvement!