Enroll in xCures

xCures is a venture-backed company that has developed a platform that not only provides de-identified patient data for use by researchers, but also arms cancer patients and their oncologists with tools to make more informed and effective treatment decisions.

Program overview:

When patients enroll with xCures, the platform transforms the patient’s complex unstructured medical data into structured data suitable for use and analysis, regardless of how and where they are being treated. Researchers can access the resulting de-identified patient data to test research hypotheses, determine patient outcomes, and identify potential best practices in treatment.

This structured data is also accessible to patients and their healthcare team, which empower patients and their oncologists to make more informed and effective treatment decisions. By analyzing what worked for similar patients, the xCures platform can provide insight into treatment options to consider. Through on-line portals, patients and their medical team receive:

  • Structured and graphical summaries of their cancer history (Cancer Journey)
  • Personalized lists of potential treatment options with their scientific/medical rationales.

Patients and their medical teams benefit from the collective data, knowledge and experiences of everyone in the network, in return for ongoing access to their electronic medical records throughout their cancer journey. The xCures platform continually grows and learns as more patients contribute their information.

Below is a video created by xCures that provides a brief overview of how their platform works.

Program benefits:

Patient enrollment in the xCure platform can provide a wide range of benefits to patients, their healthcare providers, and fibrolamellar researchers.

  • Patient and care team benefits: Importantly, the patient enrollment process is simple and straightforward, largely consisting of providing consent to access the patient’s electronic medical records. Once enrolled,
    • Access to the xCures platform is provided free of charge to patients and their doctors to use.
    • Patients and their providers can use online portals to access a structured and graphical history of their cancer journeys, assembled from all healthcare providers.
    • Patients will also receive a list of potential treatment options for consideration with their healthcare team based on published scientific and clinical evidence.
    • Patients and their care team can therefore benefit from the collective data, knowledge and experiences of everyone in the network, and in return, provide their data to the platform for research access and future patient benefit.
  • Research benefits: xCures seeks to collaborate with researchers to analyze the de-identified data from all patients on the platform, publish high-impact research, and advance the understanding and treatment of FLC. In addition, xCures operates as a clinical research organization and can manage interventional clinical trials and expanded access programs on a nationwide scale. Leveraging the data, xCures plans to work with researchers, drug manufacturers, and diagnostic companies to inform new clinical studies and advance more treatment options for FLC patients.
xCures chart showing some of the benefits of their XCELSIOR paltform for FLC patients and clinicians
Participation process:

Enrollment in xCures is a simple, easy process. To participate, patients:

  • Register via an online portal (xINFORM).
  • Electronically sign a consent to xCures’ central IRB-approved research protocol (XCELSIOR, NCT03793088) and a medical records release.

xCures and its platform will then obtain and accept records from any US-based institution, in any form, utilizing artificial intelligence and natural language processing to compile the data into a clinical database.

Contact information:

Patients can learn more about the program and enroll by following this link: https://xcures.com/details/fibrolamellar/

Clinicians and researchers can contact Tim Stuhlmiller, xCures’ VP of Scientific and Medical Affairs, at tstuhlmiller@xcures.com