June is Cancer Immunotherapy Month

Since 2011, immunotherapies have become an important treatment for more than 20 types of cancer, with that number set to increase. The Cancer Research Institute (CRI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to fueling the discovery and development of immunotherapies for all types of cancer, has declared the month of June “Cancer Immunotherapy Month” to highlight that progress.

“CRI is proud to celebrate our 11th Cancer Immunotherapy Month™ with our various stakeholders,” said CRI CEO and Director of Scientific Affairs Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, PhD. “In recent years, immunotherapies fueled by the discoveries of outstanding scientists have changed the cancer treatment landscape. Continued investment in basic and translational research holds significant promise to make more life-saving breakthroughs a reality.”

Please visit CRI’s June calendar to find ways to get involved in Cancer Immunotherapy Month.

For several years, FCF has partnered with CRI to drive research into how immunotherapy approaches could be applied to fibrolamellar. A major part of that partnership has been the development of the CRI – Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation Fellows Program, in which FCF supports CRl-funded Investigators whose research projects have implications for an immunological treatment for FLC. Examples of past and current participants in this program include Amy Kim, MD (Johns Hopkins), Kevin Barry, PhD (Fred Hutch), Sofia de Oliveira, PhD (Albert Einstein), and Lindsay Dickerson, MD (University of Washington).