New Minnesota legislation to be named in Amara Strande’s honor

In a news conference on May 9, Minnesota lawmakers and advocates celebrated an emerging deal which would ban would ban the non-essential use of PFAS (perfluoroalkyl or polyfluoroalkyl substances) starting in 2025. PFAS, so called “forever chemicals”, are hard to break down. Studies indicate that exposure to these chemicals could increase a person’s risk of cancer.

Amara Strande, a FLC patient who died last month, tirelessly advocated for legislation to limit the use of these chemicals. While she didn’t know if her cancer was related to PFAS, she lived in an area where contaminated water was reported. “Amara was willing to do whatever it takes to prevent other people from having to face a disease like her own,” said her father, Michael Strande. Lawmakers credit Amara’s advocacy efforts with getting the legislation to where it is today.

Once passed, Minnesota’s legislation on PFAS will be among the strictest in the nation. The bill will be named in Amara’s honor.

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