Patient Resources

FCF is committed to supporting patients and caregivers throughout their experience with FLC.

We want to make sure that individuals with fibrolamellar are educated about their disease, feel connected to fibrolamellar community, have access to experienced physicians and know about current research into treatments and cures. Whether you are living with FLC or a loved one of a person affected by FLC, we hope that you can take advantage of these resources. 

This section contains information about opportunities for fibrolamellar patients and loved ones to contact and ask questions to others dealing with similar circumstances.

FCF holds several events throughout the year. Events are a way to educate or inform the fibro community, increase awareness of this disease, or fund raise to support critical research.

Search for physicians around the world who have experience treating other fibrolamellar patients.

This section contains helpful information that may help those affected by FLC on their journey with the disease. Included is information ranging from non-profits providing patient travel support services to tips for healthy eating.

Search or browse this listing of medical terms.