Disease models

FCF aims to make disease models accessible to the worldwide research community. To that end, we acquire, develop, and characterize new models, and distribute them free-of-charge.

Models available include both cell lines and xenograft models of the disease. Importantly, all models available from our repositories are rigorously characterized to ensure that they are actually derived from fibrolamellar tumors and are properly identified. We are currrently working in partnership with Dana-Farbers Center for Patient Derived Models to centralize the distribution, characterization and expansion of these model systems.

Obtaining access

To request access to any FCF-distributed model system, please contact Patty Cogswell, FCF’s Biobank Coordinator, at pcogswell@fibrofoundation.org. She can detail availability and timing of delivery and coordinate execution of the required material transfer agreements (MTAs).


FCF is sincerely grateful to all who have made the distribution of these models possible:

  • the patients who donated their tumor tissue or ascites
  • the researchers who created the model systems, as well as
  • the institutions and research teams who have made them available for re-distribution by FCF to the broader research community.