FibroConnect program launched

When someone is diagnosed with fibrolamellar carcinoma (FLC), they can feel isolated and alone. An extremely valuable source of support for FLC patients is finding a mentor who has already been navigating their own journey with the disease.

Thanks to the efforts of many fibrolamellar community members including Tracy Oeltjenbruns and Melissa Findley, FCF is launching a “FibroConnect” program that brings one-on-one mentorship support to individuals impacted by this disease. FibroConnect aims to connect cancer fighters, survivors, caregivers and family members with experienced fibrolamellar mentors. This effort is meant to supplement the positive community interactions driven by the “Fibrolamellars of the World Unite!” facebook group and FCF’s annual Patient & Family Gathering with one-on-one conversations based on common experiences and topics of interest.

Fibrolamellar community members can visit to learn more about the program, to sign up to be matched with a mentor, or to become a mentor.