FCF Funded Projects

Creation of Fibrolamellar Tissue Repository at The Rockefeller University

Status: Completed

Timeframe: 2013 – 2014

Goal: Support costs related to establishment of new FLC biospecimen storage facility

Principal Investigator: Sandy Simon, PhD

Study background: Access to tumor tissue is critical to help cancer researchers understand what drives a disease and how the cancer responds to treatments. Because fibrolamellar is so rare, there has long been a shortage of FLC tissue available for research.

This funding request was to support the establishment of a new tissue repository for fibrolamellar carcinoma at The Rockefeller University, in new lab space built specifically for this purpose. The lab needed a new secure freezer to store the FLC samples and a secure computer to house de-identified patient data, which could then be correlated with the tissue samples to benefit research on outcomes and recurrence.

Results: The equipment was purchased and the new tissue repository successfully developed. These samples and data will be made available to collaborators and labs that are researching fibrolamellar, so that progress can be made without sequestration of resources or overlapping efforts.